Suggested Routes

sidari canal damour

North Route

Roda, Acharavi, Old Perithia, Kassiopi, Kalami, Sidari

From Ayios Stefanos go to Avliotes and on to Sidari. Entering Sidari you will come to a red traffic light. Turn right onto the short Sidari by-pass. At the end of the by-pass turn right and you are now again on the main road. After about a kilometre you turn left heading to Roda and Aharavi.

Along this trip you will notice various turns to the left which generally take you down to the sea.

At the Roda crossroads you turn left for Roda and straight on for Aharavi. (In the center of Aharavi there is a right hand turn which if you wish goes over the mountains passing Episkepsi and Spartillas and joins the main road between Barbarti and Pyri.) Pass through Aharavi and soon you will see a Water Park on the LHS. Beyond the water park there are a number of LH turns down to the long beach, partially sandy which has few bathers. Continue along the road and you will come to a petrol station on the RHS. (If you turn right this leads you to Perithia and Old Perithia which is up in the mountains. It is a deserted Village and well worth the trip. There are two restaurants for refreshments or lunch.)

Continue on the main road. You pass turnings on the LHS to Ay. Spiridon and the other Ay. Stefanos (both worth seeing) before reaching Kassiopi. The road by-passes Kassiopi but if you wish turn in. Continuing on the main road LH turn’s take you to Koloura and Kalami both worth a visit with their tall cypress trees and tiny harbours. Continuing along the road there are no real beaches until Barbarti.Beyound Barbarti on the RHS is the turning mentioned previously to Spartillas and over the mountain to Aharavi. Beyound Barbarti is Pyrgi, Ipsos and Dasia. Eventually you will come to a “T” junction at Tsavros. Turn right. After about 2.5 KM there is a RH turn (* LH if from Paleokastritsa) to Sidari, going straight on leads you to Paleokastritsa. Keep on the obvious main road without turning and it leads you back to Ay.Stefanos. This is a good days trip.


West Route

Sidari, Lakones, Paleokastritsa, Aqualand, Doukades

From Ayios Stefanos go through Avliotis and Sidari. Keep going straight through all the villages until you are at the top of the mountain (Trompeta). Turn right at Trompeta. You will reach Vistonas and Lakones before reaching a “T” junction. Turn right for Paleokastritsa. In Paleokastritsa the Monastery is worth a visit. Return along the road you entered Paleokastritsa without turning and you will pass through the Ropa Valley with Aqualand. Continuing you will reach the left hand turn mentioned in route 1( marked with *). This will take you home

An alternative way home is from Paleokastritsa is to head for Doukades. Continue straight and if you turn left you join the main road heading to Trompeta and onto Ay. Stefanos.

corfu town

South Route

Sidari, Corfu Town, Benitses, Messonghi, Mouse Island

From Ay. Stefanos go to Avliotes, around the Sidari bypass and keep going straight over the hill at Trompeta and on to Tsavros and Corfu Town. Take the road out past the airport. After a few kilometres the road forks left to Benitses and Perama or straight on to Kinopiastes. Take the straight road and you will come to one of the prettiest hilltop villages – Aghi Deka. From here you descend down the eastern side of the island to join the coastal road just before Messonghi.

Once here you can return to Corfu Town passing through Benitses and Perama with a good view of Mouse Island or you can turn to the right and continue driving to the southern tip of the island at Kavos. By-passing Messonghi Village, the road will lead you past Lake Kerrission and just past there a right turn will take you to Aghios Georges (South). If you have the time “yes” visit the South, otherwise it is the least attractive of the tours.



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