Rental Policy


  • Qualification: renter’s or driver’s minimum age 23 years old for car groups a, b, c and 25 years old for cars of other groups.
  • Driver’s license: a valid driver license held for a least one year is required.
  • Minimum rental: one day, 24 hours
  • Traffic fines: tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of Greek traffic law during rental period are borne only by the renter.
  • Insurance: all vehicles are insured against liability to third parties for death or injury or property damage.
  • Fully comprehensive cover (c.d.w.): for the real value of each car and also fire and theft insurance. Damages to tires and underneath the car are not covered by the c.d.w. insurance coverage.
  • Taxes: all rates are subject to 19% vat.
  • Fuel: fuel used during the rental period is payable by customer, only super or unleaded must be used.
  • Extra equipment: baby seats are free.
  • Delivery-collection: free to accommodation and airport delivery – collection (airport – minimum 7 days of rental).
  • Availability: car models are according to original planning. Delivery problem however, may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.
  • Across the boarder rentals: customer wishing to drive the car out of Corfu must have special permit of the renting station.
  • Ferrying the car: cars can not be ferried without special written permit.
  • Terms and rates: rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


The CAR HIRE COMPANY hereby rents to the undersigned renter the vehicle described on both the first and the second page of the Agreement. The terms and conditions contained in this Agreement have been read accepted by me the said renter.

1. The renter confirms hereby that before taking delivery of the car has examined it and found it without any defects, except of those shown on car figures.

2. The renter will return the vehicle concerned with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment to a station in the city where the car was rented or as, otherwise specified on the undersigned pages of the Agreement. Prolongation of rental period is under the lessor’s approval.

3. Only the persons referred in this Agreement will be permitted to drive the car. The car will not be operated:
a) For paid transportation
b) To propel or tow any vehicle or transport
c) In any race, speed test or contest
d) By any person under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics
e) To carry passengers in excess of the respective seating capacity
f) In other than a paved road or public highway
g) By any ,person without lessor’s prior permission
h) By any less than 21 years of age unqualified licensed driver.

4. Repairs or replacement parts have to be done whenever possible at the nearest dealer. For major repairs, an authorization from the Corfu office is required. Refund of expenses is made against receipts. but replaced parts have to be returned with the car. This officer its branches aye not noble to the renter or the passengers for any kind of inconvenience caused though mechanics, break-downs or accidents.

5. The renter agrees to take geed care of the vehicle checking the oil, water, tire, pressure and all the necessary for the good maintenance of the vehicle, even when it is net in use. Damages to the tires during the rental period are at the hirer’s expense. Generally in case of such a neglect the renter is fully responsible for all damages arising through any of these omissions.

6. The renter expressly acknowledges personal liability to pay lessor on demand:

a) a kilometer charge computed at the rate specified for kilometers covered by the vehicle during the term of this rental the number of kilometers, over which the vehicle concerned shall have been operated under this rental agreement, will be determined by reading the odometer installed by the manufacturer, if odometer falls the kilometer charge shall be made in accordance with-the road map distance of the journey travelled).

b) Time, collision damage waiver and miscellaneous, charges at the rates specified on pages 1 & 2 of this Agreement and the cost of gasoline.

c) All fines and court costs for parking traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle, renter or lessor, during term of this Agreement, except where caused through fault of lessor.

7. Insurance:
Public Liability. All cars are covered by an Automobile Liability Policy providing protection against the financial consequences of the legal. Liability which may be imposed upon the owner and/or the driver of the rented automobile for personal injury including death, or property damage to third parties, resulting from the use of such automobile. Coverage is not provided:

a) If any unauthorized driver is driving the rented car

b) for personal injury, or property damage caused to the driver of the car and his party

c) for damage, loss, or theft of baggage and other property carried in the car.

The renter can obtain fill coverage for any damage of the rented car by; purchasing the appropriate amount for each group in this case renter’s renspensivility is limited to the payment of the first Euro for groups A.B.C. and Euro for Groups D.E.F. The renter is also obliged to pay the basic rate for the time lost required for repairs with a maximum of 15 days.

d) Accidents. Any accident must be reported immediately. A report has to he drawn up with complete details and must be sent.

8. In case of difference between the contracted parties, the Greek courts only will have jurisdiction.

9. You mustn’t take the car out of Corfu island

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